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Terms and conditions belief & content is an IP (intellectual property) of SpeedOn5.com, therefore any use of an either exact or fragments of content by any third party or individual, will be subject to legal action.

Prohibition (of use of website):
The content of website SpeedOn5.com (whether images, textual, video or infographics) are property of SpeedOn5.com and does not allow any third party to leverage on the content of the website in any form. No content form the website must be copied or transferred to another online channel without the prior authorisation of the content/copyright owner.


  • The Buyer | Customer who places an order on SpeedOn5.com website
  • You | Customer who places an order on SpeedOn5.com website
  • We | SpeedOn5.com the company
  • The Company | SpeedOn5.com
  • Order | Confirmation of purchase by the customer placed on our website
  • Website | SpeedOn5.com

The buyer is responsible for deciding on the feasibility and suitability of any parts, accessories or equipment bought on SpeedOn5.com.

Although stocks are handled with the use of sophisticated CRM & ERP integrations with our website at all times, all products are subject to availability. We reserve the right to change specifications to our products or services without notice.

Any delay in delivery will not entitle the buyer to request for refund straightaway. SpeedOn5.com follows standard procedure in order to identify reasons for delays. The Company will not be liable for failure or delay in delivery of your order, since there could be events beyond a reasonable control of our company.

We use a designated third party carrier company; therefore once the goods have left SpeedOn5.com’s premises, we as company shall not be responsible for the successful delivery of your order(s).

All prices given on our website, as well as the content on SpeedOn5.com are stated in good faith and are exhibited in SGD (Singapore Dollars) by default. The users are urged to select a suitable currency that is relevant to their country or region. SpeedOn5.com reserves the right to refuse any order at our absolute discretion.

Images are for illustration purposes and are an example only. Colour, appearance and finish may vary due to computer monitor configuration.

Payment must be received for the full price of the item(s) you order, and any applicable charges for carriage or/and insurance, before your order can be accepted (unless we have agreed otherwise in advance in writing).

The goods are directly supplied from our centrally located warehouse in Singapore. Goods cannot be collected under any circumstances from our warehouse premises.